Navigating Seasons of Healing, Growth, and Low Self-Worth

Today we’re talking about navigating seasons of healing, growth, and low self-worth, which are the reasons behind why I took such a long hiatus after season one ended last spring! I’m sharing a bit of what I experienced in my personal life and how that led to some transformational work, and updating you on season two. If you’re navigating a challenging chapter or big life transition, struggling with low self-worth and an inability to show up fully expressed, or you’re ready to make impossible things happen… This season is for you!

What to Listen For:

  • Solo episodes going deeper into the topics you want
  • Key lessons I’ve learned through developing my Journey Mapping process
  • My experience taking time off from the podcast and social media

“I took a lot of time off between season one and season two, and I took time off from social media, blogging, and making videos because I was going through my own big growth season. This has actually been one of the most transformational seasons of my life, which is saying quite a bit, considering everything I’ve been through.

  • My journey through trauma and loss and how that turned me inside out
  • How this season of my life has been different in terms of healing and growth

“This season, in particular, was one of alignment, really shaking loose anything that was no longer aligned with who I’m here to be in the world.”

  • How purpose is the key focus of Journey Mapping

“Purpose is my purpose. Helping others live their purpose and understanding the processes that we need to move through to show up fully aligned and fully expressed. Those are my passions and my work in this life.

  • How a traumatic loss altered me and my life
  • The health effects of trauma and the causes they put into effect

“Traumatic suicide loss left me with PTSD. That PTSD led me into an abusive relationship with an addict, and [all of this] caused my business to die a slow death, leading to me ultimately filing bankruptcy as well as some really serious exhausting and terrifying health issues.

  • Learning what it takes to truly rise and up come back
  • The ways I’m still uncovering how much of myself I lost

“I still didn’t realize how much of myself I had lost, how far I had strayed from my truest self, and how much everything had really impacted my sense of self and self-worth. I thought that I was healing and growing and doing so much better—and by many accounts, I was. Relatively.

  • Making better choices in my life, work, and relationships
  • Moving to the mountains and starting to align my life more fully
  • My first relationship after loss and trauma (and the breakup that followed)
  • How our unraveling showed me that I still had so much work to do

I was still not valuing myself, not respecting and honoring myself, not loving myself enough to believe that I deserved a life that reflected who I am, and a relationship that felt supportive and nurturing in very specific ways based on who I am and what’s important to me.”

  • Getting thrust into deeper process work after my breakup
  • Confronting my low self-worth, lack of boundaries, and lingering guilt and shame
  • Leadership training with former podcast guest Colby Tootoosis
  • Discovering Lacy Phillips and To Be Magnetic work

“I began to really unpack all of these things, and it was gutting. It was so emotionally intense and revealing and just raw. And I felt so held and so supported.”

  • Diving into shadow work to embrace and own all of myself
  • How core wounding, low self-worth, and shadow work play together
  • Navigating letting go, release, and realignment
  • What self-trust actually looks like

“It’s not always seamless. It doesn’t always look like you’re a courageous and brave person. A lot of times, it’s picking yourself up off the floor and giving something a go one more time or moving forward despite the terror and the uncertainty. And I will say that is what a lot of this year has looked like for me.”

  • Why I feel ready to return to the podcast
  • The questions we have to ask ourselves in growth and healing
  • What to expect from season two and our guests
  • How you’ll see these processes modeled in their interviews
  • Some resources if you’re struggling right now


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