Traumatic Echoes And How To Decode The Layers Of Fatherly Influence

I think it’s that you really do have to be willing to embrace the pain of going back through the review part… it’s going to be so worth it on the other end.

Episode summary:

On this episode, I have Gigi Dennard, an accomplished author, speaker, and commercial loan consultant. Giji shares her unique journey and purpose-driven work. We discuss the formation of her business, Well-Fed Resources, emphasizing its focus on 360-degree wellness, encompassing financial well-being, spiritual growth, and physical health.

Gigi also opens up about the discovery of her life’s thread, centering around the theme of wellness and the importance of aligning one’s activities with a core purpose. A significant part of her purpose involves helping individuals heal from trauma related to father wounds, highlighting the epidemic of fatherlessness.

What to listen for:

  • Giji talks about how years of Latin helped her with various languages and even understand life better
  • The hurt and pain of not having a parent and the beautiful story that happened with Giji and her Dad that led to them writing a book
  • We talk about jumpstarting the healing process and the importance of getting started on the work
  • We tackle the global epidemic of Fatherlessness and how this relates to all of us

I believe that a big piece of my purpose is around healing these, helping people heal in this space of trauma from father wounds.

  • Whether your father was in your life or not, there’s a lot to unpack about the relationship between our growth and our fathers’ impact on our lives
  • Finding the root cause of a problem isn’t always easy, and we break down that path
  • We all have healing work to do, no matter how much we’ve done, and understanding how our parents play into that is very important to our healing journey

I feel like, well, if I needed to go through what I went through in order to help other people go through what they’re going through, then that was worth it.

  • As Viktor Frankel said, “There’s meaning in suffering”, and we discuss how this affects us
  • If we knew how beautiful our story could become, we could get things easier; however, that’s not how life works
  • Giji gets into how her purpose is not only in the work she does but also in doing the work

What I do that I think I do most effectively is help people jumpstart the process. Half of the battle is getting on the road, deciding that this is important enough for you to invest some time and perhaps some pain and perhaps some money.

  • It can be easy for all of us to procrastinate even though we all know there’s power in just simply starting, and we tackle this
  • We discuss “Is the pain worth the risk?”

About Giji Dennard

Giji Dennard is speaker, author, and CEO of Well Fed Resources by Giji Mischel Dennard. Giji debuted as a voice in the fatherlessness movement in 2012 after publishing the first edition of Hungry for Wholeness: A Call to Pursue Healing & Restoration in Your Father-Child Relationship and serving as the opening keynote speaker for the inaugural Father-Shift Conference.

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