How To Stop Struggling With Secret Compulsions And Not Let Your Porn Habit Define You

“The more successful you are in life, the more driven you are, the more sophisticated your ways of throwing dirt on this issue are.”

Episode summary:

In this episode, J.K Emezi, the founder of Elevated Recovery, discusses his journey through addiction recovery, specializing in helping high-performing men with sexually compulsive behaviors and pornography addiction. We discuss the importance of addressing shame associated with addiction, and J.K. shares personal experiences, including the impact of early exposure to pornography and the challenges he faced in his addiction.

What to listen for:

  • We discuss porn addiction and the effects it has on everyone it touches
  • Ways we can manage and grow our self-discipline through accountability
  • We share stories of our sexual addiction and what works to heal

Long story short, at eight years old, looking at exaggerated illustrations of human genitals and sex scared the crap out of me. But it also changed my emotional state.

  • How exposure to porn and sex at a young age affects us
  • We get into the feelings from the exposure and how those feelings grow
  • How the realization of that change made us look at life differently

I also gave myself permission to slip and relapse. And that was very important.

  • We talk about the systems in our country and how shame runs rampant
  • Relapse doesn’t have to be the end, and it doesn’t mean you’re a failure
  • How to show ourselves grace and still be accountable

It’s very hard and very scary to show up and ask for help and realize that, Oh my God, if I am to face this, the abandonments, the neglect, whatever the trauma may be, I might lose my edge. I might lose my success.

  • Diving deep into the pivotal moments on our journey where our character shows itself
  • Embracing the hard truth and being willing to look at it for what it is
  • Going through the hell and not stopping


About J.K Emezi

J.K Emezi is a Certified Addiction Coach, Sex & Pornography Addiction Recovery Coach, and the CEO of Elevated Recovery, an online addiction recovery agency. With personal triumph over his decade-long battle with porn addiction, J.K created The Porn Reboot System, a refined method to regain control of sexual behavior. His diverse clientele includes top-performing professionals from various industries in over 20 countries, recognizing his expertise and effective approach. Through The Porn Reboot System, J.K empowers individuals to overcome addiction, alleviate anxiety, improve relationships, and lead fulfilling lives. His unwavering dedication to lasting recovery and personal growth supports individuals on their transformative journey to break free from addiction.

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