How To Transform Your Life After A Life-Changing Loss

Episode summary:​ Debra Driscoll helps people in their spiritual development and healing by using magic. This magic is something we all have but may not know how to use it.

She helps people expand and heal even with the words we use and the things we look at. We are the creator of our reality and we have the magic to make it a good experience or a bad experience.

Debra walks us through how we can tap into our own magic to start our own healing process.

Guest Name & Bio: DEBRA DRISCOLL. Magic Weaver, Storyteller, Spiritual Teacher and the creator of BIG LIFE MAGIC Debra has practiced and taught spiritual development and healing practices for over twenty-five years and takes great delight in activating magic in others.

Her expertise; Reiki Master, TCM Practitioner, Meditation and Intuition Teacher, Grief Guide, Oracle and Energy Reader, and Master Storyteller.

Debra is the author of “A Series of Surrender ~ A Memoir of Grief.” In 2022, Debra will be writing and crafting her second book, “Surrendering to Magic”