Living Life Openly By Cultivating Courage Through Neural Mastery (Part 1)

“I’m very interested in understanding how people get through being on this planet. I find it to be one of the most confusing and beautiful and heartbreaking and incredible phenomena that we’re all here doing this.”

Episode summary:

In this episode of the Mindset and Self Mastery show, Nick speaks with Gazit Chaya “Z” Nkosi, who shares their journey from being raised in a fundamentalist evangelical Christian environment to becoming a coach focusing on understanding and supporting people’s nervous systems. Z discusses their experience of almost joining the US Army and then the CIA as a crypto linguist, which was a significant turning point in their life. They reflect on their struggles with identity, particularly regarding their sexuality and the impact of religious dogma on their mindset. Throughout the conversation, Z emphasizes the importance of questioning societal norms and beliefs, radical acceptance without approval, and the possibility of personal growth and healing regardless of past experiences. The episode delves deep into themes of resilience, self-discovery, and the power of mindset in overcoming life’s challenges.

What to listen for:

  • Z discusses their transition from working as a speech pathologist to becoming a coach focused on supporting people with their nervous systems and life challenges
  • The conversation delves into Z’s exploration of their identity, including their upbringing in a fundamentalist evangelical Christian environment, their journey of self-discovery as a queer person, and their experiences with societal expectations and religious beliefs
  • Getting into the decision and aftermath of not joining the military or government
  • They emphasize the importance of radical acceptance, personal growth, and seeking support for mental well-being

Radical acceptance is not radical approval. You are not saying yes to unacceptable behavior. You are giving yourself the opportunity to say, all right, this thing happened.

  • Radical acceptance distinguishes itself from radical approval by acknowledging that accepting something does not equate to endorsing or condoning it
  • Radical Acceptance provides the individual with the power to recognize and come to terms with the reality of a situation, granting agency to respond to it in a constructive manner
  • The importance of internal reflection by allowing oneself to acknowledge and process the reality of a situation without necessarily agreeing with it

If I have the capacity to create my own mindset, then I’m able to ask questions. And if I can ask questions, then I’m threatening the authoritarian structure of the dogma of religion, right?

  • Highlighting the power of mindset creation, suggesting that individuals have the capacity to shape their own perspectives and beliefs rather than passively accepting dogma.
  • Discussion about the importance of questioning established beliefs and ideologies
  • Exploring the act of questioning authority, particularly within the context of religion, as a form of resistance that undermines the control exerted by authoritarian structures.

You’re never too far gone. You can always develop the skills to have a life worth living, no matter who you are and what you’ve been through. There’s no hopeless cases.

  • No matter how dire one’s circumstances may seem, it’s always possible to improve and create a fulfilling life.
  • Unpacking the human potential and the capacity for personal growth, asserting that individuals are never beyond redemption or incapable of positive change.
  • Finding empowerment by affirming that we have the ability to develop the necessary skills to create a meaningful and fulfilling life, regardless of their past experiences or current challenges.

About Gazit Chaya “Z” Nkosi

Z (they/m) is grateful to now be enjoying the roller coaster of life after decades of suffering from a victimhood mindset. They are excited to share what they’ve learned in this earth school through their podcast, YouTube channel, courses, and coaching programs, with their core mission being to live and love into the absolute innocence of all beings.

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