Run Toward Your Fears And What Holds You Back

There’s a big difference between mental health and mental wellness.”

Episode summary:

In this episode Nick speaks with Michele Capots, a transformational coach focusing on mental wellness and resilience. Michele shares her personal journey of overcoming fear and self-doubt, driven by her experiences with mental illness and trauma. She discusses the importance of mental wellness, distinguishing it from mental health, and highlights practices such as meditation, somatic work, and embracing the present moment. Michele emphasizes the significance of persistence and facing fears to create the life one desires. She encourages listeners to keep trying, manage fear, and seek out what works for them in their journey toward personal growth and fulfillment.

What to listen for:

  • Explore Michele’s personal journey and the trauma that her family experienced before she was even born
  • Nick and Michele discuss the difference between mental health and mental wellness
  • Dive into practical techniques for mental wellness that can work for you
  • Advice on the power of persistence and embracing our fears

I spent almost two decades crippled by fear and self-doubt that held me back from going after my dream.”

  • Michele shares her story to help others live life to the fullest easier
  • Fear can stop us in our tracks; Michele shares what worked to get her going again
  • Dealing with surface-level healing will only get you so far

“There’s not one thing that sets you off… If we could just fix that one thing, everything will be okay.”

  • Finding the main source of a problem isn’t typically how or what you’d expect
  • Does a mental health magic pill really exist?

You’re gonna feel the fear, you’re gonna have the fear, but to feel it and do it anyway.”

  • Accepting fear as a companion on your journey
  • Embracing moments and leaning into fear
  • Use fear as a motivator to take action

About Michele Capots 

Michele Capots is a transformational coach, international speaker, and storyteller on the power of mental wellness and resilience. Michele often shares from the perspective of her own self-stigma and low self-worth that followed her after a mental health diagnosis more than a decade ago until she learned how to use those very things to set her free. Michele’s passion is working with others who feel stuck and unable to move forward like she did, no matter what their obstacle may be, so that they can align their goals and desires with who they are from the inside out and find the same freedom to be their authentic selves.

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