Practicing Presence, Facing Forward, and Writing an Aligned Ending

In this episode, I’m closing out season two with an important conversation about practicing presence, facing forward, and writing ourselves into an aligned storyline. This conversation is about seemingly simple topics, but I promise they’re incredibly potent, no matter where you are inside your present journey. In fact, nearly two decades into my own healing and growth work, I recently had to remember the power of presence for myself, and it became such a transformational experience in so many ways. Plus, you can’t face forward into what’s supposed to come next if you’re not here now. I know you’re going to gain so much from this conversation, and I’m also sharing some exciting announcements about our upcoming second podcast launch!

What to listen for:

  • Launching our newest podcast and other goodies
  • Where to follow me and my updates in the meantime
  • The importance of presence and my own reminder to practice it
  • Feeling silly after doing so much growth work

“It has been so healing and has produced such incredible shifts so rapidly. The pace at which I have been getting clarity, getting downloads, feeling more like myself, feeling happier and more aligned and fulfilled and creative and healthy and all these things has just been so accelerated.”

  • Navigating the times when presence is most difficult
  • Grief and trauma are full body experiences
  • This isn’t about bypassing the more challenging emotions
  • Holding our vision for the future while engaging with this moment
  • The best ways to practice presence and how it assists our healing
  • Facing forward into what’s next and why presence is essential

“Facing forward, facing into what it is that we want, this involves presence. This involves being here now and orienting ourselves towards things that we say that we want.”

  • Idealizing the past even when we want change
  • Orienting to ourselves in time and space
  • Don’t beat yourself up when you’re hooked into the past
  • The visual metaphors that guided my healing

“I would close my eyes in this little movie would play. And after I had clawed my way out of the depths of grief and trauma, clawed my way out of this deep dark well, I remember turning away from the well and facing in a different direction. And so we’re doing that energetically. We are reorienting ourselves, our whole selves towards the things that we want, even if they’re small.”

  • Identifying what you want and orienting towards it
  • What it means to write yourself into a storyline that feels aligned
  • Using our meaning making skills productively
  • How to look at what happened in a way that frees you to move forward
  • The truth about “everything happens for a reason”
  • Deciding how you want to be shaped and how the story will unfold


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