The People Are The Way

Episode Title:​ ​The People Are The Way

Episode summary:​ Troy and I discuss the wisdom he’s learned from his years being in the military and technology space about how to best connect with and manage people. He also shares some funny stories and insights throughout.

Guest Name & Bio:  Troy Stephens has over 18 years of experience working with technology companies, starting in 1998, when he first worked on Microsoft’s Technical Support team. He then served in the U.S. military from 2002-2005, with one tour in Iraq in 2004 as an E-5. He was medically and honorably discharged in January of 2005. Since leaving the military, Troy went back into the technology space, gaining valuable opportunities to manage teams in both the software and hardware sides of the industry. At work, he takes pride in growing and developing CX teams to provide top-tier support by keeping up with best-in-class trends for supporting customers. It’s his mission to leverage technology to allow CX teams to truly get back to working with people. Troy has taken part in architecting client platforms, enabling SaaS enhancements, and managing growth and customer experience for small-to-medium sized businesses, helping foster growth from $20-30 million in revenue to $100-300 million in revenue. Troy has also used his passion for video production in a few commercials, items for Imagine Dragons, and Real Salt Lake. Outside of work, Troy enjoys spending time traveling and enjoying all the things his home state of Florida has to offer with family and friends.

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