Shifting the Odds in Your Favor With Zambia’s First PGA Pro Vincent Kabaso

“Doubt is normal, fear is normal, insecurities are normal, but the difference is the people that actually go beyond those things and actually take the step to do something about it.”

In this Expanded episode, I’m talking to Vincent Kabaso, Zambia’s first elected member of the Professional Golfers Association of America. He formed the Raised by the World Foundation in 2017, which is also the title of his book, and has a feature film pending. Vincent is an incredible soul who went after his dream with tenacity and faith, deciding that whatever risks he might face in doing so were better than being stuck where he grew up. And they were massive risks, including landing in the U.K. at age 19 without financial backing, being tested after defaulting on tuition fees, and running out of living resources. But even in the most challenging moments where he didn’t have the resources, gear, privilege, or support of other players, Vincent refused to give up. His messages of gratitude, giving back, and remaining humble testify to the power of being led by purpose through seemingly impossible circumstances.

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What to listen for:

  • Vincent’s background and childhood experiences
  • Getting introduced to golf by his dad at age 9
  • Experiencing a different world and shifting his perspective
  • Developing a passion for golf but not knowing what it meant
  • Reading magazines to understand the profession better
  • Learning confidence and finding his place in the world

“I would go to the club, maybe on an empty stomach, but during the round of golf at some point, it made me feel such a great sense of peace because I knew that was my common ground. Everybody was the same. And at that point, I knew they were not going to beat me. And I was building a lot of confidence very quickly just from winning and having them talk about me as the one that won. That’s why the game has always been more than a game for me. It’s because it was my place of self-identity. It felt like that was the perfect place for me to express myself.

  • Leaving for the U.K. without the funds or support to cover it
  • Not realizing what you don’t have until you see others with it
  • When Vincent realized he had to take ownership of his dream
  • Realizing the importance of relationships to success
  • Finding motivation by taking it one step at a time

“I think that my privilege, if I had any privilege, was that I didn’t have anything. And that allowed me to stretch myself because I think in the place of all the information, if I knew exactly what it would take to get to my dreams or achieve anything, I don’t believe I would have started. I think not knowing everything that it was going to take for me was really a good motivation because I was only concerned with the next step and to focus on that next step. And that step gets you to the point by the time you’re looking back, you’ve stretched so far that you can’t go back at any point.

  • Applying himself in challenges and not making excuses
  • Vincent’s willingness to take risks to change his life
  • The power of faith and prayer during obstacles on the path
  • Staying humble and appreciating the smaller things
  • Gaining a global perception of life and starting his foundation
  • The process of writing his book, Raised by the World
  • Vincent’s advice for anyone facing the “impossible”

About Vincent Kabaso:

Vincent is Zambia’s first elected member of the Professional Golfers Association of America. His inspirational Journey to PGA membership has been covered by major golf publications and was recognized in the United States House of Congress. In 2020, he was selected to the national PGA leadership development program, which is a PGA initiative to identify future industry leaders from diverse backgrounds.

Follow Vincent online: