Give Yourself The Freedom To Evolve

“When you’re being asked to be something that you’ve never been before, and you’re being held accountable for how well you are, that thing that you are being called to be, that you’ve never been before, it’s almost like a catch-22. I don’t know how to do this well, but I’m gonna be held accountable if I don’t do it well. And wrestling through that and trying to figure out, well, how do I position myself to do this well?”

Episode summary:

In this episode, I speak with Anthony A. Dicks, Jr., who runs a management consulting company for nonprofits and leaders in various businesses. We talk about faith, purpose, our callings, and how we must give ourselves the freedom to evolve.

What to listen for:

  • How faith and our purpose can often line up
  • We can run from our true calling if we want, but how it’ll catch up with us anyhow
  • Understanding the power of “why” and disregarding when and how it shows itself
  • Showing yourself grace, love, and the freedom to evolve

“Jesus almost made me flunk out of college”

  • Learn about the time Jesus stepped into Anthony’s life and turned him upside down
  • Our purpose and calling in life doesn’t always show up at the most “convenient times”
  • Our early 20s is a time of embracing some freedom, taking some risks, and, for some, being called to a much higher purpose in life
  • Listen in as Anthony talks about how he grew up with a pastor for a dad and never thought he’d “follow” in his footsteps
  • It’s on us whether or not we listen to the call of our purpose in life. It’s up to you if you answer that call or just hit the ignore button

“There’s a time when a child learning how to walk has to learn how to walk consciously. They have to force themselves to put one foot in front of the other. And then, you know, after stumbling or falling and all the rest of that stuff, they eventually. They walk, and then it becomes subconscious and not necessarily conscious. This is the challenge about learning how to become something when you’re of age.”

  • Life is full of learning lessons, it’s up to us to learn those lessons and keep at the struggle
  • Though we’re not always celebrated by others, like we were as a baby, we can still muster up the courage, strength, and stamina to see things through
  • How important it is to a lot of people that knowing “why” they’re doing something can dramatically change the way they, and we, handle the situation
  • Hindsight and perspective taught Anthony a lot about himself and his father and how he can be a great parent, spouse, and leader

“You just have to have the courage to keep doing the what until you figure out the why.”

  • The reason or the “why” for life isn’t always, or even most often, answered early
  • Courage to keep going isn’t a superpower; it’s within all of us
  • How Anthony heard his calling, listened, and started walking with faith toward it. Even though he wasn’t sure of the “why”

About Anthony A. Dicks, Jr.

Anthony is a leader’s leader! His passion for leadership development is seen through his work with emerging nonprofit leaders. He has spent over two decades preparing people with diverse responsibilities to reach their optimal leadership potential. He currently transforms leaders as the Senior Leadership Consultant for 180 Management Group.


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