Sonny, a Redemption Story: Evolving Through Trauma, Prison, and Everything In Between

Episode summary:​ Sonny Von Cleveland endured a rough childhood. He experienced sexual abuse from multiple men starting from the age of 5. At 7, he started to get into trouble. He broking into a church and committed theft. He was arrested and found himself addicted to getting in trouble with the police, as he kind of saw them as father figures.

As Sonny started to get older, he started to get into more trouble. As a teenager, he stole from his school’s safe and that was the last straw and he was sent to prison. Going to prison, he encounter sexual abuse again and he snapped.

He was done being the victim and Sonny turned off all emotions. He became violent and did as he pleased. He was in and out of prison for a while until a certain man changed his life. He helped Sonny self-heal, accept emotions, learn empathy and sympathy, and really got him in touch with himself.

From there, Sonny realized what all he had done to others, what others have done to him, he learned the power of manifestation, and swore off any criminal activity. Sonny’s life was not over and he was not defined by his past. His life was just now starting and he has so much to offer the world.

Guest Name & Bio: Sonny Von Cleveland, born and raised in the countryside of Mid-Michigan,  is an entertainer and musician who has overcome many obstacles in his life and used the lessons learned from those experiences to teach and guide others in the art of overcoming and persevering. ​

Through music, speaking, and entertaining, Sonny uses his school of hard knocks style educational leadership to inspire people to embrace living life to its fullest and finding your core happiness.

Sonny Von Cleveland