Why It Matters That You Make Your Impossible Dreams Happen

“In short, the show is an invitation to engage with life differently.”

Welcome to the first episode of the Make It Inevitable podcast! I’m so excited to be digging into these conversations with you, and today I want to share a bit about why it matters that you do the work to make your “impossible” desires inevitable. I’m also sharing some background about how I got into this work, why it’s so important to me to share it with the world, and what you can expect.

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What to listen for:

  • I’ve spent the last several years studying what it takes to make the impossible happen
  • This work goes beyond intellectual; you must live these lessons and frameworks

“Understanding has its place. Understanding gives us enough leverage to be conscious to what’s going on, what it is we need to be doing, and to understand why it’s important and how it works. Understanding, however, does not produce the results we’re ultimately looking for.”

  • The common things that keep what we want feeling impossible
  • The challenging moments you’ll encounter along the way
  • Why it matters that you make your impossible desires a reality
  • Our unique contribution and the number one way we make our mark
  • We have to be tapped into our desires, they matter, and they’re important

“If our most important contribution is showing up, fully aligned and fully expressed as who we’re here to be and moving through and engaging with the world and contributing as that person, our desires are a piece of that. They’re a piece of our purpose expression.”

  • The ultimate form of personal responsibility is full expression of self
  • On the path to living our fullest expression, things naturally feel impossible
  • You have to address your subconscious programming and winning strategies
  • Why healing your deeper trauma and stored emotions is critical
  • Getting on the frequency of your desires through energetics and embodiment
  • Learning to engage with the world differently to produce different results
  • You couldn’t desire the things that you want if they weren’t inherently possible

“Possibility is not a promise; it’s a call to action, and it’s a call to act in a very specific way, a very different way from what you’ve been taught about manifestation and goal achievement. We’ll talk a lot about the types of actions we have to take and the energy and frequency that we need to take them from.”

  • How living my fully aligned life has impacted and inspired others
  • Let this be your safe, supportive space for exponential expansion
  • The incredible, courageous guests we’ll be having on this show
  • The past is wholly irrelevant to what is possible for you going forward
  • It takes repetition to really anchor in these
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