Telling An Emotional Person To Think Doesn’t Typically Help

I had been afraid to really feel my feelings for a long time because I was told everything short of they were not welcome here and that I shouldn’t have them.

Episode summary:

In this episode of the “Mindset and Self Mastery Show,” host Nick McGowan delves into the differences between emotional and logical individuals. Drawing from personal experiences, Nick reflects on how he was encouraged to prioritize logical thinking growing up despite being naturally inclined towards feelings and emotions.

What to listen for:

  • Exploring what resonates more with us, the emotional or logical side. 
  • The difference between emotional individuals who tend to feel things deeply before rationalizing, while logical individuals, engage in immediate analytical thinking when faced with situations.
  • Acknowledging the importance of understanding and respecting different approaches so we can empathize with others’ perspectives
  • Encouragement to explore unfamiliar approaches and learn from each other’s strengths, fostering greater empathy and communication.

When anything happens in the world, when anything happens specifically in your world… you start to think about those things instantly.

  • Reacting is different from acting upon this is a momentary decision
  • Looking for our native way of handling situations and leaning into that
  • Putting a face to a name by pinpointing these types of people in your life

Understanding how we feel or think about situations will help us understand how others feel and think about situations.

  • When we understand how we relate to the world and how others relate, we can form a better understanding of each other
  • Seeing through someone else’s eyes calls for us to feel and think through their eyes as well
  • No matter how you relate to the world, you’re not alone

We can learn from each other and we can try to emulate or try on different things to see how they feel or what we think about them.

  • Being open to learning is a necessary step in healing and growing
  • Emulation is something we’ve been doing since birth
  • Seeing how others react and act up in life can influence the way we handle situations

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