The Somatics of Trust and Living From Abundance Rather Than Scarcity

“When we operate from that frequency of trust, we’re better able to see pathways and possibilities.”

In this episode, we’re having our third conversation in the “Somatics Of” series about the somatics of trust and living from abundance vs. scarcity. This is not a “magical thinking” conversation or one rooted in bypassing and toxic positivity; it’s a conversation about how to name a lack of resources or actual scarcity without falling prey to fear, worry, and doubt. We don’t bypass the reality of our situations or circumstances! Instead, we learn to stay anchored in energetic frequencies that help us stay in the embodied states necessary to create new and different outcomes, aligning ourselves with new pathways and possibilities and keeping us open and receptive to them. Trust is a critical energetic, and the somatics allows us to hold that state of trust regardless of the challenges we may be navigating.

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What to listen for:

Trust is an energetic state. It is a frequency. And when we vibrate from a space of trust, we align with different people and things. We work with the energy of life, with the energy of our universe. The universe’s baseline state supports our expansion and continuous growth. So, to tap into that energy, we must come from a state of trust. That doesn’t mean we’re unaware of our surroundings or don’t think about how to stay safe and secure in certain situations.”

  • Questions to ask yourself to discern what and who is trustworthy
  • When you come from trust as your baseline, there’s openness to you
  • Contractive states can weigh our energy and being down
  • Lack and scarcity aren’t inherently negative when they’re held factually
  • Processing past experiences so they don’t hinder us
  • Acknowledging present circumstances and feeling how we feel

“We acknowledge our circumstances. We feel how we feel, the raw emotion and energy. We do not interpret or tell stories. And the somatics work comes into play with trust, tapping into the energetic state of feeling abundant and having trust and faith. That doesn’t mean everything magically changes because we think that way because we tap into that energetic state and operate from that frequency. But when we operate from that frequency, we can see pathways and possibilities better. We can better navigate our present circumstances from a grounded, clear space plugged into who we need to be to have what we desire.

  • Finding abundance energetics in small things
  • This work isn’t about ignoring the reality of our situations, ever
  • How to put this into practice in your own life