How To Embrace The Secret Power Of Interpersonal Communication

“I think self-awareness is key to unlocking it all, and I think it is a lifelong process. The advice that I would give to everybody is to always seek the discomfort and not escape it.”

Episode summary:

In this episode, Supriya Venkatesan explores the intricate connections between beliefs, language, and mental symbology, unraveling the anatomy of thought and its ties to the brain and body. Addressing the importance of confronting our heavier emotions rather than avoiding them or numbing them out, she challenges common coping mechanisms, advocating for the slow and steady incorporation of healthy strategies, like using movement as a tool for somatic processing. Supriya reflects on her own experiences as a woman of color, shedding light on the cultural dynamics that shaped her beliefs, especially regarding the value of women in her Indian culture. Don’t miss out on this transformative and mind-expanding discussion!

What to listen for:

  • Supriya’s background as a serial entrepreneur and investor
  • Growing up in a very tiny village in the Fiji Islands
  • How our beliefs relate to language and mental symbology
  • The anatomy of thought and how it ties to the brain and body
  • Understanding your dominant way of interpreting information
  • How trauma informs our current experience

“Being gendered as a woman and someone of color, I’ve experienced myself, there’s a lot of ideas and beliefs that I’ve adopted growing up in my whole life. And culturally being Indian as well. One example would be like, women just aren’t valued as much as men in my culture, which is the truth. I hate to say it, but it is the truth. And that isn’t something I really recognized until I started making progress on my own business journey. It’s like, oh wait, these things are actually holding me back and I’ve seen trauma in my family, like domestic violence, for example, that is part of this, right? So I need to work with that in order for me to step into the woman that I am, the leader that I am.

  • Supriya’s own experiences with healing from multiple traumas
  • Her story of joining the military at 19 years old
  • Self-awareness is key to unlocking what you want
  • Learning to deal with our emotions and not avoid them

“I think a common thing people feel at the end of the day is, ‘Oh, I’m so tired. I don’t want to deal with this. I want to watch TV.’ That’s actually a response. You’re not coping with the feeling in your body. Yeah, you might say it’s relaxing, but it’s not. There’s other ways to relax. You could go for a walk, right? There’s healthy ways to move the emotions in your body and then there’s just numbing it out.”

  • Leaning into healthy coping a little bit at a time
  • Supriya’s advice for using movement to process somatically
  • The importance of changing your environment
  • You have to be discerning about who you talk to

You shouldn’t talk to someone who’s already in your life because, first of all, they’re not going to be objective in their perception of you, and that is really important right away. Secondly, they’re probably not trained in anything specifically. Coaching is a skill set, just like any other profession out there. Having said that, there are different levels of skill, right? Just again, like any other profession. So I think it’s really important to look at somebody’s credentials and capacity.”

  • Addressing the unconscious fears around coaching
  • Some suggestions for tools to support your healing

About Supriya Venkatesan

Supriya Venkatesan works with executives and entrepreneurs across the globe to unlock their total potential. Her focus areas include interpersonal communications, overcoming subconscious blocks, achieving peak performance, and creating real business change. 

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