Transitioning into Full Expression With Kaedyn Nedopak

“You have to be yourself because living in that authentic expression is what is going to make you happy, not people pleasing.”

Today I’m talking to Kaedyn Nedopak—an award-winning transgender writer, producer, and creative activist who uses his creative work to inspire others and activate change in the world—about his journey of transitioning and how he’s moved through seemingly impossible challenges along the way. Kaedyn is coming to us from the middle of this experience for our first “in process” episode, and he has so much potent wisdom to share about what it takes to not only claim what’s most aligned for you but actually move it into a reality. His journey has inspired me on so many levels, and I know you will love this conversation.

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What to listen for:

  • Kaedyn’s background as an actor and creator
  • Coming out as trans while editing his first book, Gaia’s Song
  • Finding points of reference for full expression through art
  • Letting go of people pleasing and living your authentic expression

You have to be yourself because living in that authentic expression is what is going to make you happy, not people pleasing. And then here’s the beautiful part. You are going to meet people that are in alignment that support that.”

  • Feeling awkward and uncomfortable in his body as a teenager
  • Being attracted to men but wishing he had their body
  • Navigating femininity in a misogynistic society
  • Reading about Elliot Page coming out and how it affected him
  • The most painful part of coming out: other people’s silence
  • Handling the losses that come with showing up fully expressed

“I would say that probably the most difficult part of this transition is the loss. I don’t grieve my old self. I’ve never felt more alive. Every single day I was out and sharing and stepping into that authenticity, I felt alive.”

  • The pain of people’s pushback or complete silence
  • Finding community through sharing videos on TikTok
  • The decision to get on testosterone and have top surgery
  • Why don’t we celebrate people claiming their truth?
  • Starting a GoFundMe to finance this lifesaving surgery

This is lifesaving for me. And I tear up about this, but I said to myself, ‘I don’t know if I can be on this planet anymore in this body now that I know. I cannot go another year and make it to another birthday in this body. I can’t.’ I was like, ‘if I don’t do this now, I’m not gonna be here.’ And I think that is probably one of the darkest moments I had after I came out… just the desperation.”

  • Getting creative and asking for and receiving support
  • Navigating difficulties and staying in motion on what’s important
  • Celebrating transgender people at all points of their journey
  • How he approaches making impossible things happen
  • Getting people on board with your vision and goals

Kaedyn Nedopak (he/him) is an award-winning transgender Writer, Producer and Creative Activist who uses his creative work to inspire others and activate change in the world. Credits include the first-ever live Hollywood award show for geeks, The Geekie Awards, featuring Stan Lee; viral series The Skyrim Parodies and Late to the Game, the latter earning Nedopak the International Academy of Web Television’s ‘Best Host’ award. Kaedyn’s TV script for Gaia’s Song was awarded ‘Best Television Pilot’ finalist at CANNES, and after an international festival run with 20+ awards, Nedopak chose to turn the story into YA fantasy book series about a group of LGBTQ teens who survive a 19th century gender and class-driven society, in a tale of magic, found family and the healing power of love.