Implementing A Professional Entrepreneurial Operating System Starting With Yourself

Episode summary:​ Justin Mink had been a regular active athlete and had started up a very successful company, but then he fell ill with mono. Mono really took its toll on Justin and he had to step down from his own company.

He invested a lot of time and money into getting better, but mono doesn’t have an easy cure. It seemed as if the more he was doing, the worse he felt. He then decided it was just time to accept that he has mono and he can’t control this illness and how it makes him feel.

He was going to switch his focus on improving his inner self and finding happiness within. Once he shifted the mindset, the rest followed. His mind, his spirit, and his body felt a lot better.

Guest Name & Bio: Justin Mink has spent a career in leadership and founder roles at companies that have grown from 0-1000s of employees, raised millions of dollars in capital and been valued at over $1B.

Career highlights include cofounder of Music Audience Exchange, an innovative music marketing technology company based in Frisco that today has over 80 employees, CMO at the cannabis big data firm New Frontier Data, and sales leader of the Franchise team at Scorpion, a digital marketing firm that has spent 11 consecutive years on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America list.

Today, as a Professional Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) Implementer, he helps entrepreneurs and leadership teams solve root problems and lead more effectively through a simple set of proven, practical tools.