Uncovering Your Trauma Traits To Make Peace Within Your Soul

“It’s all about decisions. How do you want to show up, and are you sick and tired of this crap?”

Episode summary:

In this episode, Sherry Buckley-Brown reveals how a lifetime of losses has shaped her perspective as she reflects on the lingering impact of trauma on individuals and generations. Through her experiences, we confront the question of whether we ever fully heal and how to navigate our anger toward God, the world, and others. Sherry’s story reveals the significance of setting boundaries with negative influences post-healing and the transformative power of finding meaning in suffering. She highlights the importance of feeling emotions, the role of purposeful prayer in moving forward, and, ultimately, the journey towards self-compassion and happiness amidst trauma. If you’re ready to make peace with your past experiences to step into your purpose and joy, this episode is for you.

What to listen for:

  • The root of cursing and how it plays into self-expression
  • How trauma and empathy let Sherry into coaching
  • Taking in her nephews after her sister’s passing
  • The importance of being trauma-informed as a coach
  • How a lifetime of losses shaped Sherry

“Trauma leaves a cemetery of bones walking around in a person’s life, and they think they’ve healed. And it affects them over the years, throughout the generations, over and over again until they’ve decided that they wanna heal. Not even want to, but they need to heal.”

  • Exploring whether or not we ever fully heal
  • Navigating anger at God, the world, and other people
  • The questions Sherry asked helped her move forward
  • Setting boundaries with negative people after you’ve healed
  • Trauma carries forward until we heal it

“Trauma is generational, and it impacts you in your health, your career, in your personal lives, how you show up in the world—all of that.”

  • There’s meaning in suffering and what we do with it
  • How Sherry holds others accountable for their actions
  • The loss of her mom and its ultimate impact
  • Letting go of taking care of others to find her own happiness

“All of this trauma is a part of who you are, but you need to move forward and be happy and know that they’re cheering you on.”

  • Why you can’t avoid feeling your feelings
  • The purposeful prayer that helped Sherry move forward
  • How she stopped beating herself up

About Sherry Buckley-Brown:

Sherry Buckley-Brown is a resilient survivor, an inspiring life coach, and an emerging force in the world of motivational speaking. She has found her strength through some of the most challenging circumstances, transforming her message and life into a powerful message of hope and empowerment.

Through her experiences, she reinforces the idea that despite life’s darkest moments, one can reclaim their life, rewrite their narrative, and find true happiness and success.


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