The Methodology for Making the “Impossible” Inevitable

“When we declare that what we want is happening, we shift the odds in our favor immediately.”

In this episode, I’ll be sharing my methodology for making the “impossible” inevitable, walking you through each of the five phases. This is one of my signature processes that I developed as a means to support myself and my clients in going after the things that feel so far out of reach no matter what we do. This methodology is the foundation for our conversations on this show, so I hope you’ll take the time to understand the process and how we live it fully.

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What to listen for:

  • There’s a reason what we want feels impossible
  • Normalizing the challenges we face as we live this methodology
  • ​​Energetics and embodiment is a big piece of this work

“This work isn’t always easy and seamless, but it becomes more easeful when we normalize the struggle because then we don’t buy into the stories.”

  • Phase one: claim your desires
  • A big reasons people don’t make their impossible desires happen
  • The importance of alignment and self-trust in doing this work
  • Questions to ask yourself to clarify what you really want

What is it that you want so much you’re willing to do this work? You’re willing to face the challenges and the struggles? You are willing to walk through potential loss and rejection as a result of going after the things that are really meaningful for you that other people don’t understand?”

  • Phase two: eliminate your stoppers
  • Facing your fears, stories, and subconscious strategies
  • How unresolved grief, trauma, and emotions stop us
  • What it really takes to eliminate your big blocks
  • How the subconscious mind keeps us safe
  • Why seeing your “stuff” is a gift

“If you claim your desire, if you start moving towards it and all of a sudden you’re in a trauma response, that’s a gift. If you suddenly find yourself feeling all the emotions and states that get you to stop overwhelm, burnout, anxiety, depression, that’s a gift. Whatever comes up as we start to move towards what we want is a gift because it gives us something to work with and to work on.

  • Phase three: decide and declare
  • Why nothing happens without deciding and declaring
  • The frequency of decision and how we organize ourselves
  • How this phase shifts the odds in your favor

Decision is a frequency. Decision organizes us around what we say we want and we begin moving through life differently. To decide, you have to be clear on what you want. It has to be meaningful for you.”

  • Phase four: clear the path
  • Becoming the clearing for your impossible vision to come in
  • The false belief about our way of being that holds us back
  • Why energetics and embodiment are vital
  • Tapping into the consciousness of your future self

There is something that you say you want. Who is the you that has that thing? And not just what they do, who they be in the world? What do they believe? What do they think? How do they hold and carry themselves? How do they engage with the people and things around them?”

  • Phase five: bridge the gap
  • Taking an entirely different kind of action than you’re used to
  • The necessary conversations to build a bridge
  • How context is key when manifesting our impossible desires
  • Collapsing time and getting what you want faster

It’s about building a bridge to where you can move towards what you want and it can move towards you. To where you are creating connections and putting foundational pieces in place to support you actually living your impossible visions and desires.”

  • Going deeper into this process with our workbook
  • What to expect in episode three on subconscious programming