Goals And Intentions Are Great, But Achievements Never Equate To Fulfillment

“Everybody has time; it comes down to what’s a priority in your life. If you want to move forward in your business or in your relationship, like a giant leap forward, it’s not going to happen through logical rationality and being stuck in your brain.”

Episode summary:

In this episode, Martin Hristov, Personal Bliss Coach, and self-published author, talks about his journey from chasing material success to finding true fulfillment. He shares how he experimented with various approaches and philosophies, realizing that checking off a list of achievements didn’t bring lasting joy. Martin highlights the importance of creating quiet and intentional spaces to disconnect from daily noise, allowing room for self-reflection and tapping into intuition. He encourages listeners to be honest about time-wasting habits and prioritize what truly matters in their pursuit of contentment. This conversation serves as a practical guide for those looking to discover their own path to fulfillment, highlighting the significance of courage and faith, regardless of one’s religious beliefs, in taking meaningful leaps forward in life.

What to listen for:

  • Martin’s experience with fasting and its positive benefits
  • Understanding the body’s biochemical and nutritional needs
  • Growing up in Bulgaria and his dad winning the green card lottery
  • Moving to America and learning to become more self-reliant
  • Realizing that material things don’t lead to fulfillment

“I was very materially driven in my first 10 years in America. I was checking a lot of things on my list with great success. However, what I discovered along this journey is none of those things really gave me any deeper satisfaction, meaning, fulfillment… It was always like, what’s next? And no matter what goal I achieved, I would have felt the same way and end up in the same place within myself. It wouldn’t bring me any more joy or anything like that. So I started to ask myself different questions, right? I was like, what else is there? What else could I actually tap into and start looking into and explore as a means for me to feel fulfillment and find some greater sense of contentment and satisfaction in this life?

  • Experimenting with different paths, modalities, and philosophies
  • Putting intellectual information into practice
  • Figuring out what resonates with you
  • Martin’s advice on being able to hear that small still voice inside

Whether it’s usually it’s the mind is still active and the environment is just not conducive for that because they have no time to slow down and really be with themself in what I call the three S’s, stillness, silence and seclusion. These are fundamental for any of that to take place because you cannot be in a noisy environment or engage with all your devices or being stimulated all the time and expect for the small still voice to show up. It doesn’t. Sorry, but you never hear it because your mind is busy entertaining itself.”

  • Creating intentional environments to disconnect from the day-to-day noise
  • Martin’s process of tapping into his intuition
  • Unlearning the habitual patterns that keep us distracted
  • Identifying the activities that are a waste of your time

You have to be honest with yourself, right? First, to have this humbleness to say, ‘yeah, I’m wasting my time in those activities just to distract myself because I don’t wanna really face my problems. I don’t want to sit with the discomfort to really address this issue, so I’m choosing this to distract myself and not look into the real issue here.’ But again, everybody has time. It comes down to what’s a priority in your life.”

  • The greatest minds have leaned on intuition to guide them
  • Martin’s advice for others on their path of self-mastery
  • Building the courage to jump in or leap forward
  • The power of faith, whether you’re religious or not

About Martin Hristov

Martin is an entrepreneur, self-published author, inspirational speaker, and personal bliss coach. And as a thought leader and subject matter expert in holistic well-being. He helps successful men in midlife crises. Who are sick and tired of pursuing happiness, health, and freedom. To gain a permanent state of wellness, fulfillment, and peace without the need to achieve or get more. But by activating their untapped secret potential and turning crisis into triumph.

Those who know him well describe him as a modern mystic, yogi, biohacker, philosopher, esoteric scholar, polymath, and maverick. One thing is for sure. He has dedicated his life to exploring the furthest boundaries of human potential. And he fervently walks his talk daily.



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