The Art of Letting Go: Intentionally Creating Space for What We Want

“Whenever you feel like you’re crossing a threshold into what’s new, decluttering is such a beautiful way of honoring that intentionally.”

In this episode, I’m talking about the importance of release to create space for what we want. Decluttering is one of the most potent practices for aligning with what we desire—physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally—but not all of the essential release work we need to do is chosen. Sometimes, we experience loss or transitions that are thrust onto us, and we continue to cling to what was, refusing to process and release, which clutters us energetically. This work isn’t about bypassing or having a “false abundance mindset”; it’s about understanding the importance of having space for what’s next and seeing how frequently we choose to clutter our field and being with what’s no longer aligned (or what’s been gone for a while now). This work can be exciting, and it can be tender. Either way, it’s essential.

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What to listen for:

  • Choosing to “reduce my life to zero” two years ago
  • Realizing I had low self-worth after my relationship ended
  • Being intentional with what I carried forward
  • Coming into alignment and deciding what still fits
  • Alignment requires doing the deeper healing work first

“That internal work comes first. That’s what I did in the summer before beginning to reduce my life to zero. I got really clear on who I was, really clear on where I was out of alignment. I did an excessive—not for me, but probably to most people—amount of process and healing work. I worked really hard to heal on that deeper level, and then the next step was to create space. To look around and say, ‘This is not the home I want to live in. This is not the town that I want to be in. These are not the shoes that I want to wear.’

  • It’s not only about the material things we own
  • Discerning the right level of decluttering for you
  • Decluttering is a big part of manifesting what we want
  • We can work to create space at any point

Whenever you feel like you’re crossing a threshold into what’s new, decluttering is such a beautiful way of honoring that intentionally. Of really being aligned with on a deep cellular level. ‘This is who I’m becoming and what I’m creating… what doesn’t belong here?’”

“When we accept, we aren’t fighting against, we aren’t resisting, we aren’t denying; we’re simply being with what is. And in being with what is, we can allow it to suck as much as it sucks. When we accept it, we’re confronted with the emotions that come with it… with the release, the loss, the change and transition. And when we can accept it, then we can heal through it.

  • Acceptance doesn’t mean healing happens instantly
  • Decluttering our being by not storing emotions in our cells
  • Opening ourselves to new pathways and possibilities
  • Grief and gratitude can be very conflicting duality emotions
  • Questions to ask as this year comes to a close