An Evergreen View On Sales; Being Human

Episode summary:​ Bryan Whittington was always one who loved to learn, but was never a fan of the classroom setting. He became a foreign exchange student in South America not knowing any Spanish or anything of their culture.

Being immersed right into it, he learned that the best way to learn is just by doing it. He took those lessons on throughout the rest of his life. Working in sales, making those cold calls really do scare many people away, but Bryan knows you just have to do it and you’ll get better.

Guest Name & Bio: Bryan Whittington, the Founder of ebsGrowth & host of The Talent, Sales & Scale Podcast, has a mission to help communities thrive through entrepreneurship. Bryan knows that the intentionality of mindset is foundational to achieving one’s desired outcomes.

Emotional intelligence (EQ), moving out of one’s comfort zone, embracing setbacks as valuable lessons learned & having a continuous self-development loop is the differentiator between those who try verse those who succeed.

Bryan Whittington