Creating a Specific Kind of Context to Align With What You Want

“We need a big context to form the setting from which we be, do, act, create, move, converse.”

In this episode, I’m showing you how to curate a specific type of context that helps cultivate a way of being in the world and allows you to make the impossible inevitable. Context is king, and far too often, we don’t consider our context for a conversation or situation, let alone other people’s. But beyond understanding context on a situational basis, we have to create a larger context for our visions and goals, otherwise we operate from scarcity and urgency, which ultimately lands us back in our subconscious winning strategy and limits our ability to transform our reality.

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What to listen for:

  • Why you do not truly understand things without context
  • How a lack of context creates tension in relationships
  • Examples of contextual tension from my own life
  • You’re having two different conversations without context

“It’s very easy for us to get pulled off track, to take advice that is irrelevant for us, to internalize things that people are saying to us because we’re not considering the fact that their context is completely different, and their context actually doesn’t even consider ours.”

  • Awareness and articulation of context in conversation
  • Considering context when taking in external information
  • Why modeling what others do doesn’t produce the same results
  • Curating a specific type of context for what you really want
  • We need a significant context for making the impossible happen

“The smaller our context, the far more fear, scarcity, and urgency we experience, and the more likely we are to give up and revert to our winning strategy. What we want is probably big. If it feels impossible, we need a big context to form the setting from which we be, do, act, create, move, converse.

  • How scarcity and urgency derail our big goals
  • Holding bigger context and moving through life differently
  • Using context to stay in motion and eliminate giving up
  • How small context causes us to wobble
  • Examples of my massive context for life and business
  • Getting curious about the setting from which you understand things