What It Really Means to Be Persistent and Do Hard Things

“Doing hard things looks like you just taking the next breath and the next step. And then doing that again and again until you’re on the other side.”

In this episode, we’re talking about what persistence should actually be centered around and what it takes to do hard things (as well as how these depend on one another). I personally had to do a lot of really hard things over the last couple of weeks, letting go of both my beloved cats suddenly and unexpectedly, just five days apart. And while “doing hard things” doesn’t necessarily become easier as we build our capacity for it, what I do know to be true is that it can be more easeful. Meaning, we’re not piling resistance, tension, and heaps of old baggage on top of how challenging it already is to navigate what we’re walking through.

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What to listen for:

  • The loss of my two cats five days apart over the holidays
  • Thinking, “I don’t know how to do this,” and the truth that followed
  • Doing hard things can initially bring up a lot of doubt.
  • How we actually do hard things

You just take the next breath and the next step. And then you do that again and again and again until you’re on the other side. You feel your feelings and you break down and you cry, whatever you need to do as you take those steps. But the only way through hard things is to walk through it.”

  • How we create more ease doing hard things by removing resistance
  • Glennon Doyle and the We Can Do Hard Things podcast
  • Each loss, trauma, and challenging chapter is unique
  • Processing and healing old wounds is essential
  • Doing hard things looks messy and feels deeply uncomfortable

“It was messy, but I did it one step and one decision at a time. And here’s the thing about doing hard things that are abrupt and sudden and overwhelming, which a lot of them are. There’s a shift that happens in our foundation. And when the ground shifts beneath us, our center of gravity shifts with it. It can be very disorienting.

We can’t do hard things if we’re unwilling to feel what’s challenging, difficult, and uncomfortable. If we’re unwilling to sit in uncertainty, to navigate our way through that, to face the many unknowns that come with these experiences. We can’t do them. We will seek to bypass, to avoid, to stuff down. And we might get through to the other side of something, but we won’t be free and clear of it. We’ll still be carrying everything that was unfelt, unprocessed, unresolved in our bodies, in our cells, in our tissues, in our bones.

  • Building our emotional intelligence and feeling our way through
  • How this process relates back to the Terror Barrier
  • What is persistence, and in what ways does it actually matter?
  • True persistence doesn’t mean we never give up and quit
  • Understanding your purpose and what it means to be fully expressed
  • Persistence and doing hard things go hand-in-hand