Becoming An Ally With Your Emotions Because They Are The Key To Understanding Where Your Thoughts Come From

Episode summary: Lincoln Stoller is very in tune with how our minds and perception work.

He studied brainwaves and was able to alter them, which changes how a person feels, but slightly enough that they cannot pinpoint the change. Changes include changing a slower person, changing their brainwaves, and now they feel the world has slowed down.

Now, we can do the same thing with our awareness and emotions. Everything is connected and can be changed.

Lincoln walks us through on broadening our minds and knowledge, so we can be in control of our feelings, thoughts, perceptions, and our lives.

Guest Name & Bio:  Lincoln Stoller spent a decade each as a mountaineer, a physicist, an EEG brain training therapist, a hypnotherapist, two decades as a software entrepreneur, and now practices as a registered clinical counselor in Canada.

He’s authored six books on sleep, dreams, and learning.

Lincoln Stoller