Transmuting Our Emotions into Productive Energy Channels

“You cannot be shaped by something you’re unwilling to feel.”

In this episode, I’m talking about the art of transmutation and how we use it to step into our fullest expression and begin contributing to the world in the way that only we can. Transmutation is changing or altering the form, appearance, or nature of something—especially to a higher form. It’s a practice I’ve been engaged in for as far back as I can remember, and it’s allowed me to take grief, trauma, sadness, despair, and anger and turn them into productive and expansive energies that create lasting change in the world around me. If you want to understand this process a bit more and how you can apply it on your own journey, this episode is for you!

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What to listen for:

  • The multiple ways to understand and define transmutation
  • How transmutation showed up during my grief journey
  • You can’t transmute if you’re bypassing harder emotions
  • Life can’t shape you if there’s avoidance at play

You cannot be shaped by something you’re unwilling to feel. You cannot truly transmute something contractive, heavy, and hard into something expansive, purposeful, and productive without feeling it. You may be able to extract lessons and wisdom from what happened, but you’re doing it intellectually. You haven’t found your way to that.”

  • Not feeling our contractive emotions ultimately holds us back
  • Processing what’s been stored in your body
  • How to use fear as fuel to reach your full potential
  • Telling ourselves stories keeps us small and limited
  • Channels of expression and when we can utilize them

If this is your first big loss or trauma, it doesn’t make sense most of the time for you to transmute and channel. It can make sense for you to feel and process to build that relationship to your emotions. To navigate the deep underbelly of these journeys. Or you may be at a point where you’ve been feeling, healing, reorienting to yourself, and now you’re ready to transmute. But maybe you’re not ready to channel that. There are stages to this.”

  • You have to know yourself and not rush the process
  • Waking up to what’s going on in the world and feeling fully
  • Shutting down is not self-care; it’s avoidance
  • Exploring channels for transmuted energies

“These are the channels for transmuting contractive experiences into productive and expansive ones. And we start to create change not just for ourselves in our lives but for those around us. We start to disrupt generational and systemic patterns that cause harm simply by feeling our feelings fully and learning to work with them very specifically.

  • Being free and leveraged to create more freedom
  • The three steps to transmutation
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