What Are Quantum Leaps and How to Experience More of Them

“If everything could be transformed overnight, would it be worth doing the deeper work to experience that?”

In this episode, I’m talking about quantum leaps and how we can start experiencing more of them in every area of our lives. Most people don’t like the concept of quantum leaps because it’s so overused in online marketing, specifically by coaches who make dramatic claims about making money. But quantum leaps are simply an abrupt change, sudden increase, or dramatic advance as a result of seemingly small internal shifts. They directly result from altering our worldview, subconscious beliefs, and way of being—all things that cause the world to reconfigure around us and life’s many possibilities to suddenly become accessible.

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What to listen for:

  • The definition of a quantum leap and how they occur
  • Going from overdrawn bank accounts to six-figures in six months
  • How our subconscious programming limits possibilities
  • Feeling called to an event that I couldn’t really afford to attend
  • The reflection that shifted my perception of self rapidly

“I saw my client commanding a room from a very soft, purposeful power that she had within her, and something about that resonated for me. I knew that I had that in me somewhere. I had just lost it. I had just forgotten about it. This two-and-a-half-day experience altered what was going on for me internally; it shifted my perception of myself, life, and business. It gave me clarity around what I wanted to do, who I wanted to work with, what I wanted to offer, who I wanted to be inside all of that.

  • How my financial situation flipped seemingly overnight
  • Shifting our way of being, frequency, beliefs, and more
  • Why our circumstances are wholly irrelevant to what’s possible
  • What happens when we organize ourselves differently
  • Why the quantum leap conversation doesn’t resonate

“The reason that it doesn’t resonate for us is that something is missing in that conversation. How do we do that? How do we make that internal shift a reality to experience an abrupt change, a sudden increase, or a dramatic advance? That is what is left out of these conversations. And even in me talking about this, you still might not like the answer.

  • Healing our deeper traumas to shift our internal experience
  • Repatterning our subconscious to create leverage
  • Working with our frequency-based universe to manifest rapidly
  • Being willing to do the deeper work to expand your life
  • What would be worth doing this work for?