Navigating the Unsettling Space Between No Longer and Not Yet

“We’ve crossed the threshold, and there’s no going back from here.”

In this episode, I’m talking about crossing the threshold and entering liminal space: that magical and terrifying pocket between no longer and not yet. The root of liminal means “threshold,” and crossing the threshold is pivotal in Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. It’s when we say yes to the invitation of our soul (which sometimes looks like saying no to someone or something) and we move into the deep underbelly of this particular journey. When it comes to making the “impossible” inevitable, death and rebirth is almost always required, and it centers around our way of being. Letting go of who we were to become who we’re here to be—who we need to be for this next evolution of self, life, work, relationships, etc. But it’s not easy work. It’s not easy to sit in this pocket when you’re not entirely who you were, but you’re not quite who you’re becoming either. This space is magical and fertile soil when we understand how to navigate it.

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What to listen for:

  • An overview of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey
  • The different types of “invitations of our soul”
  • How simple truths show up and why we can’t ignore them
  • Accepting the call to adventure can start with saying ‘no’
  • Getting tested and shaped in the underbelly of the journey

“When we accept the invitation of our soul and cross the threshold, we’re in liminal space—the place between no longer and not yet. And this place is ripe with magic and opportunity and possibility. It’s beyond belief because it immediately unravels our sense of self. It provokes this internal dilemma because we’ve said yes, we’ve crossed the threshold, and there is no going back from here.

  • Sometimes we try to go back when we can’t
  • The Terror Barrier shows up across the threshold
  • An example of not being able to go back from my journey
  • Saying yes begins an immediate internal process

“We can never undo the process that’s begun. We can stagnate it. We can stall it out by going backward. The longer that we go backward doesn’t make our desire forever impossible; it simply pushes it further and further away until we’re ready to realign with it.”

  • Leaning in and moving through the fear and terror
  • There are things we have to leave behind to step forward
  • Saying yes and releasing our grip on what was

“We have to sit and simmer in that space of no longer and not yet, that messy middle. There’s so much magic here, though. There’s so much that can shift rapidly when we’re finally decided, when we finally say yes, and when we release our grip to what was the ordinary world and who we were before. We willingly surrender to the free fall, not knowing who we’re going to be on the other side. And the more we deepen into this, the more we can connect with the new ways of being required to bring this to life.”