Breaking The Trauma Cycle Through Health and Wellness

Episode summary:​ Ariel Goldenberg took a big leap by moving to America from Israel, wanting a better life.

After moving here, both he and his wife put every ounce of their being into getting their business up and running; meaning they cut social activities, friends, and hangouts.

They kept pushing forward for about 6 years until they felt like they could relax a little bit. Getting into the fitness industry, Ariel has learned a lot about how our mindsets can set the tone for failure or success, both in and out of the gym.

Trauma is usually what holds us back, and taking care of your health can help overcome that, as our mindsets and who we are, and what we believe can change as we learn to push ourselves forward.

Guest Name & Bio:  Ariel Goldenberg is a health and fitness coach. He works mostly with men over 40. He worked as a chef for a few years and then studied the science behind food and nutrition. He is a big believer in the mind as our greatest tool to become better physically and mentally.

Ariel Goldenberg