Why Inspiration and Motivation Aren’t Enough to Do the Impossible

“We can still feed from the outside in productive ways when more of that inspiration and motivation comes from us.”

In this episode, I discuss why inspiration and motivation aren’t enough to make the impossible happen. This has everything to do with intellectual work vs. somatic work and how we lean too heavily in the wrong direction, getting caught in a stagnant, habitual cycle of seeking inspiration to prompt a false sense of motivation but never really gaining traction or creating transformation in our lives. Inspiration must come from a completely different source if we want to align with what we deeply desire and move it into reality rapidly, and that’s exactly what we’re going into in this potent conversation.

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What to listen for:

  • Motivation and inspiration are defined as intellectual
  • The importance of somatically healing from trauma, toxicity, and abuse
  • Trauma responses are pre-verbal, and PTSD lives in the body
  • Intellectual healing only gives us so much leverage
  • Why I hit a wall with being “inspirational” and “motivational”
  • Discernment is required when filtering through inspiration

Inspiration and motivation might give us a little burst, but that’s about it. Generally, a lot of the inspiration and motivation we come across lacks context. And without context, it makes it difficult for us to discern, ‘Is this relevant for me? Is this actually useful and helpful for me, or is it based on someone else’s experience in a completely different situation?’”

If you’re not addressing the internal somatic blocks and trauma stored in your cells, it’s really hard to actually move on these things. To actually show up, use your voice, and put paintbrush to canvas, pen to paper. To go out, try a new industry, or be a beginner in a new creative outlet. To learn new things, be judged, and show up fully expressed.”

  • Inspirational memes can cause a lot of harm
  • Scrolling online for inspiration won’t transform your life
  • Stopping the habitual cycles that stall us out
  • Becoming inspired through your own internal experience

“We can be inspired by our own internal experience: those divine downloads, that deep connection to self and purpose, that inner guidance and wisdom that comes through God or source. We can still feed from the outside in productive ways when more of that inspiration and motivation comes from us from within, from our purpose, from our callings.

  • Going on a consumption diet to create space
  • Taking time to be with yourself and hear your inner voice
  • The gift of seeing where you’re blocked and stuck
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