Bringing America To Therapy

Episode summary: Today on the show, I’m talking with Phyllis Leavitt about bringing therapy to America and how her work with children and families as a psychotherapist for over 30 years has shed light on how important therapy is for everyone. She’s worked extensively with abuse and dysfunctional family dynamics and has a new book coming out that’s going to be full of wisdom with the goal of opening the doors to therapy for families throughout the country and the globe.

What to listen for:

  • About how the world has changed and opened spiritually since Phyllis was a child
  • About her work as a psychotherapist for over 30 years 
  • How Phyllis was channeling healing and knowledge from an early age and how she handled that in a world that didn’t speak of spirituality

“The world that I grew up in there was no talk of spirituality there was no talk of out-of-body experiences there was no talk of you know higher consciousness there was not even any talk of therapy actually as I grew up and so I just found myself to be kind of an odd person from a very early age because I had very different experiences than anyone ever talked about in my family”

  • Growing up in the 40s and 50s no one really spoke about channeling or spirituality around her
  • How being an odd person helped her to see others more authentically
  • What encouraged her to seek deeper meanings in life, people, and circumstances

“There were just really strong impulses and there were times when I would sort of ask a question in my mind and I would get a really clear answer from somewhere”

  • “Mindset” wasn’t a word she was familiar with as a child
  • How she learned to seek answers and speak to her intuition
  • About how system thinking controlled the population and still does, and what this meant to her psychotherapy practice

“Understanding what happens within the individual and about families today is so conditioned by the people that we grow up”

  • How generational trauma and traditions affect and infect generations of people
  • Becoming aware of the family system and breaking from the mold of it all
  • How the election of 2016 traumatized people and what it meant/means for the future of America

About Phyllis Leavitt

Phyllis Leavitt graduated from Antioch University with a Masters Degree in Psychology and Counseling in 1989. She co-directed a sexual abuse treatment program called Parents United in Santa Fe, New Mexico, until 1991 and had a small private practice before going into private practice full-time. Phyllis has been a psychotherapist treating children, families, couples, and individual adults for 32 years and has worked extensively with abuse and dysfunctional family dynamics, their aftermath, and some of the most important elements for healing. She has also published two books, “A Light in the Darkness” and “Into the Fire“, and I am presently working with a professional editor on the book I have written about bringing America to therapy. I live in Taos, NM, and I am mostly retired now, focusing on writing.

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