The Energetics of Rock Bottoms and How to Grow Through Them

“Rock bottom experiences shake our foundation and our sense of self-worth.”

In this episode, I’m talking about the energetics of rock bottoms and how to grow through them without bypassing the difficult emotions and circumstances they present. I’m sharing a few of my own rock bottoms throughout life, what it looked like to navigate through them while holding the duality of human and spiritual experience, and what became possible for me because of them. These can be really challenging and uncomfortable to navigate through, and we must understand the delicate nature of growth and possibility that are ripe because of these times. In today’s conversation, I’m helping you better understand the energetics at play and how to use them to deepen into your full expression and most purposefully aligned life.

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What to listen for:

  • When the rug gets pulled out from under us
  • Losing our sense of self, worth, stability, and security
  • My most significant rock bottom experience
  • How rock bottoms can lead to stagnant periods

When we don’t feel worthy and are not in alignment, we start to stagnate. Our life begins to stall out, things stop flowing, we stop being magnetic, attracting things to us, being in resonance with the things that are right for us. And we start resonating with different people and different experiences. So these rock bottom experiences shake our foundation, our sense of self, and our sense of self-worth.”

  • What it means to be magnetic and raise your self-worth
  • When experiences cause us to tell stories
  • The opportunities that are present with rock bottoms
  • We’re not saying it’s good that hard things happen
  • Not assigning meaning before it’s the right time

There are some things that are divinely orchestrated. There are many things that are spiritually guided. Life is always shaping us. And there is a very real human element to our experiences. And that human element is crazy and chaotic, with a lot of people who are hurt and wounded just slamming into each other left and right, leaving bumps and bruises as we go. We have to hold both.”

  • The importance of feeling and processing our experiences
  • A health rock bottom I’m experiencing right now
  • The opportunity to grow more fully into your fullest expression
  • A powerful lens for navigating rock bottoms

“When we can go into rock bottoms with this lens, rather than go into our stories and interpretations, we can look at it as, ‘What is here for me to learn and to grow through? What’s the opportunity to grow more fully into myself, into my purpose?’

  • My rock bottom experience with love and relationships
  • Meeting my partner after doing my deeper healing work
  • Healing my self-worth and holding stronger boundaries
  • Rock bottoms rattle us to show what’s left that needs attention
  • The question to ask yourself during a rock bottom