Three Strategies for Eliminating All Obstacles Between You and Your Goals

“We have to be willing to look at what’s happening clearly, not our stories.”

In this episode, I’m sharing three strategies for eliminating all obstacles between you and your goals based on the three everyday experiences that cause us to stop: perceived obstacles, real roadblocks, and reasons, all of which are figureoutable if we have the necessary processes (and persistence) to move through them. When we’re going after big, impossible desires, we’ll inevitably bump into some obstacles along the way, many of which are prime pickings for our subconscious mind to convince us to give up altogether so we can go back to the comfort of the known and familiar. I’m sharing three of the oldest processes in my business that have served me and my clients well, all designed to keep you in motion regardless of your beliefs, circumstances, or challenges.

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What to listen for:

“This isn’t about invalidating our emotional experience or invalidating the reality of circumstances that can present challenges. It’s about looking at them for what they are, labeling them as what they are so we can work through them. So that we can stay in motion towards what we want.

  • The different types of consequences that show up
  • Grab our eliminating obstacles self-coaching guide for free
  • Looking at the situation and what’s happening, honestly
  • Perceived obstacles are blocks manifested in our minds

Perceived obstacles are challenges that we need to navigate through. But they are not a reason to stop. They are not the obstacle that we think they are. We’re making them into something bigger than they are. We are perceiving them as a barrier of entry when really it’s just a series of challenges to navigate through.”

  • Using process or acupressure work to stay in motion
  • Figuring out how to move forward differently
  • Creating mantras and affirmations that actually work
  • Real roadblocks are unexpected bumps in the road
  • How the subconscious uses these to derail us

“Sometimes our subconscious drives us to create situations that we will fixate on and be stressed about and use as evidence that we should quit and go back. And other times, things just happen. All that matters is that we recognize this is a real roadblock. This is a real external stopper on the path to creating what I want. It’s not the stories that I tell about it.