Creating Resonance With What (And Who) You Want With Nick McGowan

“When you say something’s impossible, you’re putting a story together, and you’re potentially putting up a block because it’s not always impossible.”

In this episode, I introduce you to my life and business partner, Nick McGowan, to share how we create resonance with what (and who) we want. Our individual journeys and stories are ripe with lessons on becoming far more intentional, making purpose-driven decisions, and doing the challenging work to heal our traumas to grow into the people we needed to be to have what we’ve now created. Nick shares how he navigated through issues with drugs and alcohol, a misaligned marriage (and ultimate divorce), and how he’s stepped outside of his subconscious winning strategy so he could begin showing up as the man he’s here to be. This episode is a beautiful lesson in giving yourself grace as you grow into alignment with your fullest expression and trusting yourself to go after what you want with wholehearted openness and trust.

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What to listen for:

  • The “meet-cute” story of how Nick and I met
  • How we aligned with one another while not looking for a partner
  • Understanding what being “twin flames” really means
  • Finding our match and other half while feeling whole in ourselves
  • Why Nick got into drugs to mask his trauma and how he overdosed

“I had to put all these drugs and all this shit into my system because I didn’t fucking know what was going on. I was trying to mask a lot of the pain that I went through as a child. Long story short, I ended up doing heroin and overdosing. One of the people there kind of beat the hell out of me to make me throw up and get it out of my system. I remember walking home and looking up, being like, ‘All right, God, I’m still here. So what do you want me to do? What should I do from here?’”

  • The story of Nick getting into sales as a way to create security
  • What it was like coming from a “rich dad, poor dad” environment
  • How he started devouring personal development teachings
  • Getting into Christianity as an adult and cursing at God

I was raised Catholic, and I had a lot of Christians in my family, but I had a lot of deep beef with God for a long time because I felt like an outcast. I felt like I was kicked away and like I wasn’t wanted and wasn’t loved, and I didn’t know what to do. And remember, there were times I would just curse at God. I joke about it now where I actually say to people, if you can point out somebody who’s never done that, I can show you a liar right there because everybody can guarantee everybody has been like, ‘what in the fuck?’”

  • Nick’s journey exploring different businesses and models
  • How he navigated getting fired three months into marriage
  • Experiencing deep depression and feeling suicidal

Throughout life, I’ve had that depression. I’ve had dark moments. As a four on the enneagram, I can sit really close to the edge of the void, and sometimes I can see it, sometimes I can feel it, and sometimes I don’t want any of that. I don’t want any parts of it because it’s scary and makes me think of the craziness that I have inside of me and the rage and anger I’ve had inside me since I was a little kid.”

  • Deepening into his winning strategy in life and business
  • How the physical manifestations of his inner stress showed up
  • What it meant to love his wife through the end of their marriage
  • How starting a podcast changed Nick’s life
  • Giving up alcohol after realizing it was a problem
  • Our intentionality created the amazing partnership we have

“I know people looked at us and thought, ‘They’re moving really fast.’ We moved very fast in terms of becoming a couple without having met, me going out to meet you, you coming out here, and then us moving you here the third time we were together. But with you, it was different because we were so intentional. We were intentional in making sure this was right and getting to know each other and having hard conversations. But that intentionality, I think, for both of us came from a decision earlier on to be more intentional in our lives.

  • Nick’s process of getting more intention in his life
  • Letting go of the “shoulds” and focusing on what’s right
  • Not avoiding the challenging conversations
  • His tools for getting clear on what you want
  • Giving yourself grace and letting go of the past

“The patterns that stand out to me were that I actually put my fucking foot down for each of those moments. I didn’t run away scared from those moments. Those were some scary moments, though. Really difficult moments and difficult situations to be in and feeling like you’re just floating. But I remember sticking my foot down and being like, ‘This is where I’m at. This is what I’m gonna do.’ And having that innate strength of, ‘whatever’s next, I fucking got this.’

  • Intellectualizing your healing will only get you so far
  • Nick’s advice for making the “impossible” inevitable

About Nick McGowan:

As a sales and marketing specialist, Nick has harmoniously married his creative, out-of-the-box thinking and entrepreneurial drive to support and propel businesses into their next level of reach and impact. He’s spent the last 20 years developing custom marketing strategies and materials for leading-edge corporations, designing sales and growth strategies for purpose-driven clients across various industries, and helping companies of all sizes increase their client base, sales, and search traffic by 40% – 150%, respectively.

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