Do You Fear Failure?

“Even when you fear failure, you’re not broken. You’re just blocked.”

Episode summary:

In this episode, I’m going to talk about an F word… Failure. And my question to you is, do you fear failure? Leaning into failure can help us but most people don’t get to the point where failure can be a beneficial thing, they let the fear of failure hold them back before they even begin.

What to listen for:

  • Stories about how my fear of failure held me back for YEARS
  • What makes us fear failure
  • The perception people have of “fear” and how leaning in is more than just a nice idea, it’s critical to our growth on our path toward self-mastery
  • Questions to spark your brain to use the fear instead of the fear using you

“You need to lean into failure, but you don’t want to keep repeating failure. Some people repeat a failure and they just can’t handle it. They have a hard time getting past it. Some people can’t actually get past it because they fear going through and failing.”

  • Fearing failure can hold us back without ever knowing if we ever could have actually gotten through it
  • There are some major life categories that most people have a fear of failure around
  • Most often the fear of failure is heavier than what we actually fear

“You’re the one who has to live with yourself. You’re the one who has to go through it. And you’re the one that’s either stuck in that job or that relationship, and you’re the one who continues to fear failure.”

  • Holding ourselves accountable to our fear is crucial to understanding ourselves better and gaining confidence in ourselves
  • Understanding that we are the only person that will save us from our fear of failure
  • Being stuck in anything doesn’t have to be a life sentence, likewise, the fear of failure and being stuck also doesn’t have to be a life sentence
  • Our perception is our reality and how we perceive our fear can be changed, but we must first be aware of it in order to do anything about it

“Take a recent situation that happened where you felt like you were either about to fail or maybe you had failed in a way and that you had fear going through that. Why did you have that fear? Was it something that happened before? Was it something in the situation that was happening at that moment? Was it an interpretation that you created in your head about how these other people that were going to be affected or not affected at all, how they were going to perceive you?”

  • Reviewing our fears can help us understand what and why we fear failure
  • Reframing the story we’ve told ourselves about our “failures” is critical for us to move forward with confidence
  • Learn about how long it took me to make one of the toughest decisions in my life because of my fear of failure
  • Learn where that fear came from and why it held me back for so long


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