Harnessing Self-Awareness for Greater Adaptability and Growth

“We all want to feel seen and heard and understood; you need to be that for yourself first.”

In this episode, I’m talking about the power of self-awareness and how we can harness it for greater growth, healing, and adaptability to make our impossible goals a reality. First and foremost, self-awareness requires a relationship to self, understanding who we are, how we function, what we value, and what it means to fully align with our truth. To do this, we must step outside our subconscious programming and the limiting beliefs that have run us for years and clarify who we really are. From there, self-awareness gives us more leverage to see ourselves honestly and make changes in and around us with far less tension. To do this, we also have to heal our deeper traumas; otherwise, we get hooked into core wound stories and cannot use the insights and information we glean productively. If you’re ready to have deeper self-awareness to actualize more of your truest self, this episode is for you!

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What to listen for:

  • The simple definition of self-awareness
  • Self-awareness requires knowing the self fully
  • How our subconscious winning strategy derails us
  • Deconditioning from who we think we need to be
  • How systems shape us and our beliefs about the world

“By the time we’re out in the world, our conscious mind is online, and our frontal cortex is forming all the way, we’ve been so deeply conditioned. We didn’t have the ability to accept or reject values; they were imprinted upon us, disciplined into us. There were consequences to not aligning with the values of the systems, so we don’t even know what we truly value, what’s really important to us, who we’re here to be, and what we’re called to do. We’re just trying to get by. So we have to take that step back and do that deconditioning work.

  • Everything you want is on the other side of healing
  • Resources for coming into alignment with yourself
  • My journey of finding motivation for living life full out
  • Questions we can ask ourselves to clarify our values
  • You have to be a safe space for yourself first

We all want to feel seen and heard and understood. You need to be that for yourself first. Not just so everyone else can be but so that you are in alignment and can then be self-aware of what needs to shift in you and around you to create what your life is meant to look like. To live fully expressed, to be the person that you’re here to be, to leave your mark on the world, to create what’s most meaningful for you.”