Energy is Precious and Energetics are Everything During Evolutions

“We can’t hold the energetics that we need to hold by living this process if our energy is not where it needs to be.”

In this episode, I’m talking about how energy is precious and energetics are everything during big evolutions and growing towards what we deeply desire. In our context, energy and energetics are very different, but both are essential to living the methodology for making the impossible inevitable. You can’t embody the correct energetic frequencies to align with what you want when your physical energy is depleted.

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What to listen for:

  • The difference between energy and energetics
  • Different things that drain our physical energy
  • Low energy makes dealing with emotions more difficult
  • Valuing our energy more highly despite circumstances
  • Low energy and the spiraling that comes from stories

Start to notice where low physical energy, pain, depression, anxiety, whatever else might be going on energy-wise, notice if that causes more stories to come up when things are hard or difficult or go wrong. And if so, what are those stories? How do they then affect you emotionally, mentally? How does that further draw from your already depleted energy?”

  • Awareness and not making yourself wrong
  • Turning the volume up on your self-care
  • Energetics are how we become magnetic to what we want
  • Coming into full alignment with our unique purpose
  • Energetics are necessary for full embodiment

“Energetics is everything. We can’t hold the energetics that we need to hold by living this process if our energy is not where it needs to be. That’s really difficult because when we’re tired, when we’re in pain, when we have depression, anxiety, when it’s hard to just physically do anything to physically get out of bed, we can’t hold the energetics of being decided and being an expectation that this big, seemingly impossible thing is going to happen. We just can’t do that. And if we can, we can’t hold it consistently.

  • Shifting the odds in our favor around what we desire
  • The myth of manifestation and how we stay plugged in
  • Holding our energetics even when we feel frustrated
  • Adjusting our priorities to increase our vitality
  • Getting support when your energy crashes