Compounding Magnetism Even When You’re in the Midst of Chaos

“When we’re being the person who has what we want, we become magnetic to it because we’re operating at the same frequency of it.

In this episode, I’m talking about how we compound magnetism so we can continue aligning with what we want, even when life gets chaotic and hard. We all experience challenging chapters and have to navigate big life transitions, not to mention having to feel all the contractive and uncomfortable feelings in between. But experiencing sadness, anger, hurt, jealousy, or frustration doesn’t mean we stop our manifestations from coming through… when we know how to stay plugged into our desire and the correct energetics.

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What to listen for:

“What we want literally begins to move towards us as we move towards it. So to know what it is that you want, you have to know who it is that you’re here to be. When we are being the person who has what we want, we become magnetic to it because we are operating at the same frequency of it.

  • Becoming a clearing for what we want to come in
  • How our frequency creates resonance or not
  • Magnetism feels challenging to maintain during chaotic times
  • Nothing is wrong; this is just part of the process
  • You have to know what you want to stay plugged into it

“When life is chaotic… when the big, hard, heavy contract of emotion shows up, and you feel overwhelmed when it feels disorienting, simply to exist in your own skin… you have to be able to plug back in. Really visualize what you want and tap into who we need to be.

  • You can’t be magnetic if you’re bypassing your emotions
  • Holding the duality of emotions and experiences
  • How we compound expansive states to create magnetism