Finding Confidence Through Grief and Psychic Mediumship

Episode summary:​ Karen Romine had always heard voices in her head, even as a child. They were voices of the dead. She expressed these voices and easily discussed death, but coming from a religious home, her parents were concerned with her mental health and her faith in God, so they placed her in a religious school. Karen quickly learned that she shouldn’t talk about her experiences with the voices, so she kept that quiet. Later on in life, a co-worker wanted to go visit a medium. Karen hadn’t heard of a medium and when she learned that people got paid to speak to the dead, her whole world lit up, as she felt like she wasn’t fully able to be herself hiding her gift. 

About Karen Romine:

Karen Romine is a certified psychic medium. People seek her out regarding life events, looking for answers and healing. She uses her abilities to communicate with spirit (yes, she talks to dead people!) to create a space for an honest conversation and education to help them to reach their goals. Karen’s personal mission is to live life in integrity, treat others with kindness and respect, and to remember the words of Les Brown, “ Life has no limitations, except the ones you make.”

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