Former CMO Scaling Businesses And Making Mental Moves Toward Greatness

Episode summary:​ Corey Quinn has learned a lot working in corporate. He learned about knowing where boundaries lie when it comes to company culture and outweighing what’s being asked to do and getting ahead in the company. Corey had worked at a company where they like to go out drinking twice a week.

He had to weigh in on his pros and cons and know his boundaries. He could get drunk with his co-workers and executive teams, bond, and possibly open up to promotional opportunities, but show up to work hungover, tired, and not his best.

Or he could miss out on those opportunities and put his health, well-being, and family first. Corey chose his health.

Corey now owns his own business helping other companies grow. He helps the founders and CEOs focus through the chaos and work on sequential growth.

That also means these companies need to place their own boundaries and stop saying yes to everything and start focusing on one area at a time.

Guest Name & Bio: Corey is the ex-CMO of Scorpion, where in 6 years he helped grow the agency from $20-$150M.

Today he helps $2M+ B2B SaaS and Agency CEOs identify and scale profitable niches and customer segments.

Corey Quinn