From Achieving The American Dream To Facing The Reality That Life Has More In Store For Us

Episode summary:  Coming from Romania, Serban Mare had quite a journey coming to America. His original plan was to work here for a little bit to earn a good amount of money and then go back to Romania. But he was then faced with the decision to stay or go back.

Serban went back to Romania for a visit and felt like he didn’t belong, yet he didn’t feel like he quite belonged in the United States as well.

Where was home?

He decided to take a chance and make a life in America because there were so many more opportunities to make a better life for himself and his family.

After a while, Serban lived the American dream. He was making good money, owned a home, and had a wife, he had it all, but he felt like he was missing something.

Was this all life was? What now?

Serban was filled with questions and now how to find a higher purpose than just making money and living comfortably.

Guest Name & Bio: Serban is an expert in personal development, self-help, and peak performance. He is a Professional Speaker, Certified CBT Practitioner, and Life Coach.

As a Project Manager, Serban learned how to map out steps to escape the typical “work towards retirement life” and has engineered the path to a more authentic, joyful, and fulfilled lifestyle. Serban came to the United States with $200 to call his own and through adversity created a better life for himself and his family.

Despite achieving the “American Dream,” he realized he craved deeper meaning and fulfillment. After undergoing his own personal transformation, he accumulated an abundance of knowledge that he desires to share with others on how to live a higher quality, passionate, and meaningful life.

Serban Mare