How The Transformative Years In A Communist Country Led To Major Life Breakthroughs

Episode summary:​  Polish Peter Kolat was growing up in Poland during the communist era. His family lived in a small room and they never had much money.

His parents divorced when he was 8 and his mom decided it was best if he & his sister say with their aunt and uncle in Poland, while she goes to America to work and hopefully make a better life for them.

When it was time for his mother to leave, Peter begged his mom not to go, but she had to do what she needed to, so she left for America.

When Peter turned 14, his mom had earned enough money to be a house in the United States and now wanted her children to move back with her.

Peter had friends, school, and dance that he didn’t want to give up, but he had no choice. Now Peter is grateful that he is here because of all the opportunities that live here.

There are many times people, or Peter himself, could claim that he was a poor Polish kid, but Peter used these impactful moments to choose who he is and what he does.

Peter is on a mission to help other people become and live their best selves.

Guest Name & Bio:  Peter Kolat, known as Polish Peter in the industry, is a transformational coach for Immigrant entrepreneurs and business owners. Because of his ability to speak into people’s lives and dive deep into what’s holding someone from being successful, he’s been referred to as the Polish Tony (ref: Tony Robbins) by his students.

Peter owns a successful national business development and coaching company, runs 2 transformational coaching masterminds & has worked with high 6 and 7-figure businesses in 16 different industries around the country.

His clients consistently return positive ROIs in their businesses.

Peter “Polish Peter” Kolat