Expecting vs. Worrying and How to Be Prepared for Life’s Challenges

“We can’t avoid what’s hard and what hurts, not when it comes to making the impossible happen.”

In this episode, I’m talking about the difference between expectation vs. worrying and how to prepare for life’s challenges so that you can move through them more easefully. But it’s not just about ease; it’s about creating more leverage in yourself to align with what you desire far more quickly. Worry is an energetics that pulls us away from what we want and into our subconscious winning strategy, which, despite its name, doesn’t actually allow us to “win” at the game of making seemingly impossible things a reality. Meanwhile, expecting that something may be hard, challenging, uncomfortable, or involve failure prepares us for what’s to come so we don’t end up spinning out, giving up, or feeling blindsided by the necessary tension in growth and goal-achievement. We’ll also discuss how expecting challenges doesn’t cause them to happen, a common and detrimental myth in manifestation conversations.

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What to listen for:

  • Worry is a contractive energy that bogs us down
  • How we inadvertently activate our subconscious winning strategy
  • Why expectation prepares us for potential challenges
  • Anticipation doesn’t cause hardships to occur

“Expecting the challenges that I’m likely to face makes it more possible that I’ll have a good experience because I can prepare. I can go into it knowing not to get frustrated so I can maintain the state, the energetics, the way of being that I need to align with the experience that I’ve decided I want to have.

  • How to avoid being blindsided and derailed
  • Fixation from a place of fear, worry, and doubt pulls us off track
  • We have to be willing to face what’s hard and what hurts
  • Noticing when avoidance and bypassing crop up
  • Navigating the Terror Barrier when our subconscious is triggered

“We can’t avoid what’s hard and what hurts, not when it comes to making the impossible happen. You will be stretched. You are very likely to hit the terror barrier.”

  • Why the Terror Barrier comes into play
  • Sometimes growth is seamless; oftentimes it’s not
  • Why avoiding thinking about things being hard is toxic
  • Discernment requires a deep level of self-trust
  • Expanding your Window of Tolerance

“When we’re going after more, better, different, and stepping out of the known and familiar, terror barriers are very likely to happen. Nothing is wrong; it’s just what happens. When we can normalize this and expect that they are likely to happen where they are likely to happen as we take certain steps forward, we can be prepared. Even if that’s staying centered when they happen because ‘ooh, there it is.’

  • Being resourced and prepared for hard times
  • Going into potential challenges without fixation
  • Fear is a welcome part of the process
  • The Terror Barrier is an excellent sign that you’re making progress
  • Staying in motion when difficulties arise