Making Major Life Decisions By Trusting Your Intuition

“Being able to understand what’s actually happening, removing the interpretation and the stories that you can tell about what you think is actually happening. is a key component to being able to separate yourself from any of the bullshit that could flood your system. Once you’re able to do that, you can then actually get to your intuition.”

Episode summary: 

In this episode, I discuss a recent experience of making major life decisions and changes by trusting my intuition and my insight as to how you can make decisions through your intuition. Sometimes life seems to throw curveballs at us while other times we seem to summon in our own curveballs. I’ve found the intuition to be like a muscle that needs to be worked or it will atrophy. But how do we do this in times of trials or even during chaos?

What to listen for

  • How I stacked multiple life changes in a window of 45 days
  • Why I believe our intuition is like a muscle that if not worked will atrophy
  • What is a “winning strategy”?
  • How our interpretation of events drastically changes the way we move through the event and after

“I’ve changed up a lot of things that I’m doing. And recently, I’ve been diving deeper and deeper into who I am, my personality, my personality type, what I’m really made of, and why I’ve made a lot of the decisions that I’ve made over the course of my life.”

  • Understanding our personality type helps us understand why we act and react the way we do
  • When we understand what our winning strategy is we can change the way we view our lives
  • Why trusting our instincts isn’t all woo-woo but divine messaging to us

“I have really tried to figure out how do I do the best that I can in a very entrepreneurial way. Like I remember even saying to the company I was at most recently, I was like, I don’t give a fuck who’s at the top. I own what I can own.”

  • Our position in a company shouldn’t determine the things we can or can’t do to make for a better situation for all around us
  • Understanding your role in your company or the company you work with
  • As an entrepreneur, it’s in our blood to ask “Why?” and to take ownership

“I’ve struggled with my intuition, literally struggled with it. I’ve gotten to the point over the course of, I’d say the past maybe five or ten years, really working on the muscle of my intuition. And having conversations with God, having conversations with my intuition, which I think are all basically about the same anyway, and really being able to pull that knowledge, that universal knowledge.”

from within to be able to answer just direct questions at times, what should I do with this? What should I do with that”

  • If we don’t use our intuition it’ll become atrophied or so muted we can’t hear it at all
  • How our intuition speaks to us and how we can best listen
  • The three steps I use to tap into my intuition and to follow its guidance.


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