Having Grace With Ourselves During Our Growth Stages And Our Off Seasons

“Sometimes having grace with ourselves is really difficult. Sometimes even just understanding that we’re going through shit and not that just we’ve been perpetually off for weeks or months or even years. But having grace with ourselves is where things actually help us to be able to grow.”

Episode summary:

In this episode, I talk about the importance of showing ourselves grace during our growth stages as well as our off-season from growth.

What to listen for:

  • How I repealed away from who I was and went a bit too far
  • What “showing ourselves grace” looks and feels like
  • Practical steps to being aware in the moment as well as looking back on the past and how to not judge ourselves for our past
  • Tips I’ve learned throughout my journey in personal development, spiritual growth, physical growth, and mental.

“I need to show grace to myself. I’m not gonna be graceful in all the things that I do. I’m gonna be a fucking shit show in most of the situations and just kind of figuring life out. But having grace with myself as I move through things was crucial. It was also extremely difficult. It didn’t always work out the way that it needed to, but sometimes that’s what life looks like.”

  • How and why I questioned what I had done in the past and leaned on personal judgment
  • Showing ourselves grace doesn’t always mean things are graceful or even peaceful
  • How I ran from my past and dove deeply into personal development but went a little too hard
  • Hindsight is a part of our journey but not something we can tap into at the moment

“It can be really easy to beat yourself up. Maybe it’s just really easy for me. It might be similar for you. And if it’s easy for you to beat yourself up about those things, you can also find that little space in between beating yourself up and understanding that you need to do something and holding yourself accountable. There’s a space for grace right in the middle there.”

  • Beating ourselves up about a situation doesn’t actually help the situation
  • Finding the space between being hard on yourself and holding yourself accountable is where personal grace lives
  • Showing yourself grace can be almost like a superpower to slow things down and see a situation more clearly

“Being able to show yourself grace in those seasons and in those dark times can help you to gracefully move through the rest of what’s gonna happen from there.”

  • How taking a step back from the path you’re on can, in the long run, help not hinder your growth at times
  • Even athletes have an “off-season” but we must listen to ourselves about when and how to take that time
  • Practical steps to take a break and how to effectively grow after that


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