How To Control Your Mindset So You Can Control Your Destiny

“If he just had this one family, and that was us, he’d be able to make sure we were in a better house, right? Our house wouldn’t be falling apart. Our lights wouldn’t be turning off, right? Because we were still in the hood, you know, still living a very, very poor existence, right? So I’m like, why are we still doing this?”

Episode summary:

In this episode, I have Jevon Wooden, who grew up in a different type of household from most Americans, and how his early life led him to prison, which is where everything changed. 

What to listen for:

  • What it was like growing up in a polygamist household and how that shaped the way Jevon looked at love
  • The image of the SWAT team stopping him at a gas station only to be after his father

“Something interesting about me: I grew up in a polygamous household”

  • Listen as he explains his stepfather having two different families across town from each other and how, though they both knew about each other, they never knew each other
  • What it was like to see his mom “settle” and how this all shaped the way he perceived love
  • Jevon tells of how confusing this was for his “Christian” friends in school and how it made him think differently from an early age

“I remember looking under my car at him, and all he could do was look away”

  • Jevon didn’t have a relationship with his biological father, and when he did, it got really messy
  • The life lessons he learned from watching his “Dad” hide from the cops
  • How an example of a “man” was not accurately portrayed to Jevon and how he needed to figure this out on his own

“But one of the guys that was there who worked in another department, he was moonlighting, but he was actually an army recruiter. Right, so he’s like, man, you should come down to the recruiter station”

  • Going from zero to hero was a part of the plan, but it took Jevon some time to get there
  • Listen as Jevon talks about how he was so lost in life and how the Army gave him a second chance
  • The path toward discipline was a long and hard road, but the path after wasn’t always sunshines and rainbows either

About Jevon Wooden

Jevon Wooden is a dynamic business growth strategist and coach, speaker, author, podcast host, and Bronze Star Recipient passionate about leadership, business strategy, effective communication, marketing, technology,  and helping motivated individuals and businesses achieve their goals. Wooden’s remarkable business growth and personal development ideas have been featured in top publications such as Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Foundr, Forbes, and Verizon.

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