One Year of Podcasting: The Pride of Pushing Through and Never Giving Up

“I’m proud of pushing through… and of resting when I needed.”

In this episode, I’m celebrating one full year of podcasting on the Make it Inevitable show! While this would be a massive achievement on its own, I also walked through many changes and challenges this past year, making it even more meaningful for me. In this conversation, I’m talking about the pride of pushing through; however, I want you to know that this isn’t a “rah, rah, go hard or go home” message; it’s about discerning when to pause and when to find your way forward despite the difficulties. I had plenty of reasons to quit, and no one would’ve said a thing about it knowing what I was walking through with my health, but I didn’t. Not because I felt I had to but because it was vital for me to keep this conversation going despite how bad I looked or how hard it was to show up and speak sometimes. So, come celebrate with me and hear more of the behind-the-scenes of this past year, as well as what to expect for year two of the show!

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What to listen for:

  • Discerning when we need to push and when we need to quit
  • The series of events that challenged me this past year
  • Meeting the love of my life and how that shifted so much
  • Considering stopping the podcast multiple times
  • The obstacles that presented themselves when recording

“There were so many times where I thought about quitting, and there isn’t a single person that would have given me crap for that. Not one. Because everyone who knew me behind the scenes, who knows me well, knew how bad it was. How sick I was, how sick I still am. But I am proud of myself for seeing this through. Not because ‘I’m so tough and strong,’ not because hustling is so important, not because ‘I’m not a quitter!’—but because this space was and continues to be very important to me.

  • Understanding my energetics and how they influence me
  • No matter what, I always felt the pull to record
  • Why this space matters to me, especially after the previous two years
  • Coming back and reconnecting to my work and my message
  • The willingness to show up imperfectly

“This podcast feels to me like one of those spaces where I need to keep showing up. And I also want to keep showing up. I want to continue showing up honestly and showing that we don’t have to be perfect in these things. There are times where we don’t feel 100%. We don’t look how we want to look, we don’t sound how we want to sound. We’re not as clear as we want to be or as brilliant as we want to sound or whatever it may be. And one of the best things that we can do is show up anyways.

  • Discerning for yourself when to push through
  • What to expect from the next year of podcasting