The Somatics of Confidence and Learning to Take Up More Space

“Confidence isn’t a wall. It’s not an excuse to not look at yourself, not be open to and receptive to feedback.”

In this episode, we’re diving into the second part of our “Somatics Of” series with the somatics of confidence and how to take up more space. Confidence is a critical aspect of making the impossible happen because it requires certainty and steadiness in ourselves as we bump into other people’s beliefs, systemic obstacles, and different emotions or trauma triggers. The truth is, confidence is a relatively straightforward energetic, but it can easily be confused with “false confidence” when it comes from the mind or ego. To embody true confidence, we have to source it from within in very specific ways, which we cover in this conversation.

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What to listen for:

“I was being what everyone else wanted and needed me to be. And when I could ‘win’ through my winning strategy, I felt a false sense of confidence. I felt like, okay, I’m awesome, lovable, worthy. But if any of those things changed or any way I wanted to be, any way my purpose called me to be, did not fit with what other people wanted from me, I did not feel confident. And I was looking externally for validation that I was okay, I was good enough, I was right, and therefore could feel confident.

  • Feeling a lack of confidence in the face of “experts”
  • Confidence can’t depend on what other people think
  • If we have doubt in ourselves, it will undermine us
  • Tapping into confidence through simple life moments
  • Understanding the somatics of confidence
  • Confidence doesn’t mean we’re not receptive

Confidence isn’t a wall. It’s not an excuse to not look at yourself, not be open to and receptive to feedback. There are many times that I’ve been confident, and somebody opens my eyes to a new way of looking, thinking, being, doing. And that doesn’t mean that I’m not immovable in my confidence; it means that I’m steady and immovable in my confidence while staying open and receptive.”