Settle into Surrender and Take Back Your Authority in Life

“Surrender means that we’re deepening into our desire and calling with openness.”

In this episode, we’re talking about what surrender really means, how to settle into it to create rapid transformation, and how to take back your authority around what’s possible for you. Surrender is a wildly misunderstood word because we associate it so strongly with “giving up” on something, but that’s not what surrender means within the context of making our impossible desires inevitable. It aligns us with what we say we want and allows the right path to unfold continuously, letting life lead us into the experiences and opportunities that will shape us more fully into who we’re here to be. This conversation will help you redefine surrender so that you can step into the frequency of flow and start creating more, better, and different with far more ease.

Listen to our episode on the four critical types of trust.

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What to listen for:

  • Understanding what surrender actually means
  • How to stop being in resistance and why it matters
  • Figuring out what we view as the “enemy” or “opponent”
  • Being present in what we’re experiencing creates flow
  • The critical types of trust and how they come into play

If you don’t have trust, you cannot surrender because it won’t feel safe. You don’t trust yourself. You don’t trust life. You don’t trust other people. You don’t trust what you’re called towards, your desires, your purpose. And when you don’t trust, you can’t be open.”

  • Why it’s okay to feel fear, and what stops us
  • Stop fighting against yourself, life, and other people
  • Surrender requires safe people and spaces
  • How our winning strategy keeps us in resistance
  • Taking back our authority around what’s possible

We are the only person who has authority around what is and is not possible for us in our lives, but we don’t take that authority. We give the power to the past, to our interpretations, to our experience thus far with what’s possible and what’s not.”

  • Submitting to the authority of our callings and purpose in life
  • The universe and life are well-meaning and kindly towards you
  • You cannot desire something that’s not possible for you
  • Surrender doesn’t mean we’re giving up

Surrender doesn’t mean that we throw our hands up in the air and that we’re not being guided and directed and moving towards and creating what we want. It means that we are deepening into our desire and calling with an openness, a receptiveness.”

  • Surrender requires a willingness to be led
  • You can’t surrender if you’re not feeling fully
  • Doing the deeper healing work to step into surrender
  • We’re being controlled by the past when we seek to control