Learning to Live from the Space of All Possibility and Ultimate Choice

“Ultimate choice is necessary to actualize possibilities.”

In this episode, I discuss a concept that changed my life: living from the space of all possibility and ultimate choice. The space of all possibility is always accessible to us, in every moment of every day, and we can access it when we learn to live the methodology for making the impossible inevitable. While all possibilities are always around us, ultimate choice is not always accessible until we do our deeper healing, clearing, and repatterning work. When we live from this space and have true freedom of choice, life opens to us, and we can transform our reality at any point, regardless of present circumstances.

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What to listen for:

  • Creating extreme space in my life after trauma and abuse
  • Entering the point of non-pursuit and profound presence
  • Gratitude for where we are isn’t about bypassing what’s hard
  • Living from a blank canvas and creating anything we want

“When we are fully in this moment, we recognize that our life at any given time is a blank canvas. And from this blank canvas, anything is possible for us. Because when we can really be here in this moment, we can see that life from here can go in any direction we desire. Then we get to choose where we want to go. We get to choose how we will show up and who we will be in this moment. And all those possibilities are within reach.

  • Being comfortable in the void and unknowns
  • Possibilities are always around us, whether or not we see them
  • Embodying the methodology vs. intellectualizing it
  • The reasons that ultimate choice isn’t always accessible
  • We don’t have conscious choice with subconscious programming
  • Healing on a bodily level for freedom of choice

“If you haven’t healed your trauma on a somatic level, meaning in relation to the body as is separate from the mind—the body, the organism that we inhabit, this is where trauma lives. This is where trauma gets stored. If you haven’t healed that, cleared it from your cells and your nervous system, there’s only so much repatterning that you can do on a subconscious and conscious level. It will always be matter over mind.

The world is open to us when we live this methodology. When we live it, we are in the space of all possibility. Ultimate choice is necessary to actualize those possibilities, to make them inevitable, and bring them into fruition. Manifestation is moving something into form. To manifest, we have to be able to consciously and wholeheartedly choose that possibility, that path, that way of being, that outcome. And we can’t do that if we haven’t done our deeper work.”

  • Existing in resonance with the people and things we want
  • Calling on qualities that are otherwise inaccessible
  • All possibility and ultimate choice doesn’t mean easy
  • The spiritual and human challenges we face
  • Moving with less resistance and more ease
  • A workbook for living this methodology